My name is Curtis Ruhnau. I have been the PDL Director for NSW since 2013 and I need your support to continue in this role.

During my time as Director, PDL has:

 *   Employed two experienced pharmacists to handle all notifications of incidents nationally

 *   Combined incident reporting Australia-wide to better collate and share information about emerging areas of concern

 *   Instituted PDL Practice Alerts- an extensively read and valued member benefit

I was appointed to the PDL NSW Local Advisory Committee in 2008 and have served continuously since. In that time, we have changed the composition of the Local Advisory Committee; we now have 50% female membership and represent rural, hospital, compounding, community, HMRs and chemotherapy areas of practice.

My special interests include:

 *   Technology, especially its application to improve safety

 *   Early career programs, with a focus on the transition from Intern to full registration

 *   Mentorship, which is critical to the development of pharmacists. I would not be where, or who, I am without the generous and patient mentorship of some wonderful people

 *  Mental Health as it relates to pharmacists and the stresses we deal with daily; I believe more work needs to be done so we don’t lose the best and brightest in our profession.

I am a passionate community pharmacist and have been a partner in Emerton Pharmacy in Western Sydney for over 17 years. I continue working there, actively dispensing on average 3 days per week.

It has been an honour to represent you, the pharmacists of NSW and Australia.

Please vote for me so I can continue to advocate on your behalf.

Please look me up on

Any questions? Please phone me directly on 0410 491 292

Thank you,